Car Audio

In the old days you'd buy a new stereo and some speakers and life would be good, but it's not that simple anymore. Many car makers use unusual dash configurations and others use "premium" systems that use amps and speakers with unusual impedance ratings and proprietary connections. Many new vehicles won't accept traditional car stereo and speaker combo. Instead of the old in-dash CD player/radio combo, many new vehicles feature all-in-one consoles that incorporate climate controls, OnStar, GPS, vehicle warning systems and other unique features built into your sound system. High Tech Electronics specializes in creating concert hall sound systems for your vehicle using factory head units. For your convenience we will not take up space from your trunk by using Stealth boxes that are usually hidden behind panels. You will have an awesome sounding vehicle without loosing factory options and looks while still having space in your trunk for your golf clubs or groceries.


At High Tech we specialize in custom audio installations. From a simple speaker and or radio replacement to a complete new & improved stereo system High Tech Electronics is your one stop shop.

Award winning installs from a team that cares.

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